Student Living

Student Living

Student Living is a rental company headquartered in Perugia, Italy.


A long time partner of the Perugia Università per Stranieri and of the Università degli Studi, Student Living offers a global service dedicated to a two-fold mission: to help each student to select his appropriate housing solution, offering him the structural and qualitative features best suited for his needs and to complement the array of services offered with special tools designed to improve and simplify the welcoming activity, while increasing its quality and transparency.


The company’s work, therefore, is not limited to mere housing activities but provides to the student a careful assistance and a wealth of resources, from his first contact until his arrival in Perugia, where  he will immediately take possession of the accommodation assigned to him, up to the time of  his departure.

What we do


Throughout the student’s stay in Perugia, our staff is present and available to assist with any problem which may arise. The extensive range of services offered by Student Living is the culmination of a long-standing and well-established ORGANIZATION, coordinating, constantly monitoring, and updating the structural, technological, and human factors to maintain the highest quality services.


Making use of our services allows whoever comes from other Italian Regions or from other countries to find the solutions to all their needs, such as:


  • comfortable lodging solution prices
  • information and assistance before you arrive in Perugia, such as accomodation check-in and transfer service booking;
  • welcome service when you arrive in town
  • information on city life and excursions
  • full assistance in immersing yourself in the Italian culture and traditions

More than 20,000 satisfied customers and hundreds of housing solutions to choose from.


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